Employment-Based Immigrant Visas
EB-4 Special Immigrants


All Special Immigrant applicants must be the beneficiaries of an approved Petition for Special Immigrant, unless they are overseas employees of the U.S. Government. Different types of special immigrants provided for under immigrant law are listed below:

Special Immigrant Religious Worker

To qualify as an EB-4 special immigrant religious worker, you must be a member of a religious denomination that has a non-profit religious organization in the United States. You must have been a member of this religious denomination for at least two years before applying for admission to the United States. You must be entering the United States to work:

  • As a minister or priest of the religious denomination;
  • In a professional capacity in a religious vocation or occupation for the religious organization (a professional capacity means that a U.S. baccalaureate degree or foreign equivalent is required to do this job); or
  • In a religious vocation or occupation for the religious organization or its nonprofit affiliate. (A religious vocation means a calling or devotion to religious life. Taking vows can prove that you have a calling to religious life. A religious occupation is an activity devoted to traditional religious functions. Examples of religious occupations include (but are not limited to) cantors, missionaries, and religious instructors.)

You must have been performing this religious work for the past two years.

Other Special Immigrants
Other special immigrants provided for under immigration law are listed below:

  • Broadcaster in the U.S. employed by the International Broadcasting Bureau of the Broadcasting Board of Governors or a grantee of such organization;
  • Minister of Religion;
  • Certain Employees or Former Employees of the U.S. Government Abroad;
  • Employee of the Mission in Hong Kong;
  • Certain Former Employees of the Panama Canal Company or Canal Zone Government;
  • Certain Former Employees of the U.S. Government in the Panama Canal Zone;
  • Certain Former Employees of the Panama Canal Company or Canal Zone Government on April 1, 1979;
  • Interpreters and translators of Iraqi or Afghani nationality who have worked directly with the United States armed forces as a translator for a period of 12 months;
  • Certain Foreign Medical Graduates (Adjustments Only);
  • Certain Retired International Organization employees;
  • Certain Spouses of a deceased International Organization Employee;
  • Juvenile Court Dependent;
  • Alien Recruited Outside of the United States Who Has Served or is Enlisted to Serve in the U.S. Armed Forces;
  • Certain retired NATO-6 civilians;
  • Certain surviving spouses of deceased NATO-6 civilian employees;
  • Alien beneficiary of a petition or labor certification application filed prior to Sept. 11, 2001, if the petition or application was rendered void due to a terrorist act of Sept. 11, 2001;

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