Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

Norbache-Goff, PLLC.'s Alternative Dispute Resolution department offers Mediation and Collaborative law services to individuals who do not wish to engage in litigation to obtain a resolution of their legal matters or business and interpersonal disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is a general term, used to define a set of approaches and techniques aimed at resolving disputes in a nonconfrontational manner. It covers a broad spectrum of approaches, from party-to-party engagement in negotiations as the most direct way to reach a mutually accepted resolution, to arbitration and adjudication at the other end, where an external party imposes a solution.

Somewhere in the spectrum of ADR approaches between these two extremes exist "Mediation", a process by which a third party aids the disputants to reach a mutually agreed solution and the "Collaborative Law" process, where the parties and their attorneys share their goals and information, and work toward a solution, which maximizes the satisfaction of all parties.

Both Mediation and Collaborative Law allow the parties to arrive at a mutually acceptable, equitable solution, generally at lesser cost than a litigated case, and without a public trial. .

As Collaborative Law practitioners and Mediators, our goal is to maximize the settlement options for the benefit of all parties and to minimize the negative financial, social and emotional consequences that extended painful litigation process can have on our clients.

Please visit our Mediation and Collaborative Law pages for general information about these processes.

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